Our Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: A Professional Perspective from a Millennial

This semester I am teaching an Introduction to Cooperative Education for Engineers and could not be more excited. It is a constant reminder that no matter where we are on our career path that we constantly need professional development.


At this moment my productive spot was in a coffee shop with indie music playing in the background.

Self-Care: The Bottom of Our To-Do List

Sign up for an extra project at work: Check Pick up a second part-time job in college: Check Juggle four organizations and school: Check Take care of my family while supporting myself: Check Help a friend with their problem: Check... Continue Reading →

Arts & Sciences and the Challenge of Career Education

Lets’ be honest – Arts & Sciences has never been the leading field when it comes to high-level job placement in career education. The truth, which so many of us have heard since the very beginning, is that arts and... Continue Reading →

Stop Being Afraid of Millennials and Start to Understand Them

Google Search: “Working with Millennials” Some of the results on the front page: “Working with millennials is the worst | New York Post” “Effectively Managing a ‘Typical’ Millennial Workplace Traits – The Muse” A “Millennials in the Workplace Training Video”... Continue Reading →

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We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know: A Look Into Student Disengagement

"Students constantly want more services while faculty and staff are constantly baffled on why they aren’t being used. It gets to the point where we are all moving in a circle – students stop looking for resources because they think they don’t exist and universities stop providing them because students aren’t taking advantage of them."

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