Our Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: A Professional Perspective from a Millennial

Perfectionism Before Failure – But Why?

Last night I stumbled across the article "On Campus, Failure Is on the Syllabus" thanks to one of my colleagues sharing it on Facebook. It resonated with me, but I couldn't properly process my feelings towards it until I took... Continue Reading →

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This is extremely important as future generations enter the workforce. During my class last spring the biggest aspect students commented on in their research on company culture was the desire for a fair work-life balance. Although we must adjust to... Continue Reading →

What I Learned from my First Semester of Teaching College Students

As I finish up the final grades for my first class, “Introduction to Cooperative Education for Engineers”, I had some overall takeaways. Although it was a fast-paced challenge, it was easily one of my favorite experiences in my professional career... Continue Reading →

UC Social Media Week Panel – MC

Yesterday I had the opportunity to MC an employer panel, "Job Hunting Hacks", at the University of Cincinnati's 3rd Annual Social Media Week Summit. We were able to talk about the social media industry, and how it has changed and... Continue Reading →

Personal Branding

"Find 3-5 things you want to be known for. You can't control if everyone likes you, but you can be true to your brand." I truly enjoyed the Personal Branding workshop I attended this morning presented by the University of... Continue Reading →

Friends of Communication Shoutout

Thank you to the University of Cincinnati Friends of Communication group for thinking my story was worth telling to other Communication students! Everyone deserves to find their niche, especially in such a broad field, so I can only hope others... Continue Reading →

Support Your Students

As someone that works in higher education I feel it is important to support our students from all walks of life. Until they are willing to open up to us we don't know their story based on their profile on... Continue Reading →

This semester I am teaching an Introduction to Cooperative Education for Engineers and could not be more excited. It is a constant reminder that no matter where we are on our career path that we constantly need professional development.

At this moment my productive spot was in a coffee shop with indie music playing in the background.

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